Adults Childs Jodhpur Boots Leather Riding Boots Steel Toe Cap Black Brown 3 -13

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Name of Item: Brooks Jodhpurs Boots

Colour: Black and Brown 

Sizes: UK 3 - 13

Product Description:

  • Jodhpur Boots are made of a quality leather upper
  • An elasticated gusset for a good fit for any foot shape. 
  • The non-slip sole makes this simple boot both stylish and practical.
  • Leather Upper
  • Elasticated Gusset
  • Anti-Slip Sole
  • The soft, leather material is easy to care for and always looks new. 
  • These boots are a great value for your everyday riding needs.
  • Comfortable, soft leather jodhpurs
  • Fixed laces at front as a cosmetic detail
  • Very popular style, absolutely best buy, good value for money