You & Your Horse During Lockdown

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You & Your Horse During Lockdown

Horse staying safe during lockdown

From Thursday 5th November until 2nd December we will be in another lockdown, but what does this mean for you and your horse? 

During the first lockdown, people were extremely worried about putting extra pressure on the NHS and any sport which was considered dangerous was frowned upon. Anything like walking or lunging your horse could have been classed as essential exercise but anything like jumping or galloping wouldn’t have been sensible at all. 

On top of that everyone was only given one hour a day to exercise which made lunging your horse the obvious choice of exercise.

A few months on, lockdown number two but this time everyone has unlimited amounts of time to exercise outdoors. Riding your horse will be a great time to pass away the hours of lockdown and it will be great for your horse too, just remember to remain safe and keep to the social distancing rules.

If your horse is on a livery yard then you are able to travel to and from the yard to look after your horse.

 While on the yard keep to the rules that are already in place > Hands > Face > Space. Keep washing your hands, wear a mask and keep plenty of space between you and others. 

Stay tidy in the tack room and make sure to take a flask of drink with you, as well as sanitising wipes for just in case.

Please note that these rules could change at any time so keep watching the government website and the British Equestrian website  

If nothing changes for you because you’re working from home and you’re worried about riding during the darker months then you best read our earlier post here  

Stay safe

On a positive note, it will be Christmas soon!