What Horse Rug Is Best During The Cold Months?

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What Horse Rug Is Best During The Cold Months?

It’s that time of year when horses start to feel the nip in the air and thoughts turn to horse rugs.

The UK is renowned for its cold and wet winters and even though horses are hardy animals the conditions can even be brutal for many of them.

When the rain starts beating down then getting your horse a good turnout rug usually takes priority on the ToDo list.

Constant bad weather can be detrimental to your horse’s skin and health. Did you know that constant shivering can result in your horse losing weight!

Rain scald, also known as rain rot is a typical problem for horses in winter, when there is persistent wetness of the skin then damage can occur and that’s when infections arise. The bacteria (Bacterium Dermatophilus Congolensis) results in scabs along the neck, back and hindquarters. Rain rot in horses is a terrible thing but turnout rugs can help prevent it. If your horse or pony has ever had mud fever you’ll notice it’s similar looking, that’s because it’s the same bacterial infection. 

What turnout rug is best for your horse?  


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Does your horse live out all of the time? 

If your horse is living out all of the time then you should look at getting it a heavyweight rug with a full neck. Make sure the rug is filled well and the rug exterior should be a breathable, waterproof material.

Is your horse living out part-time? 

There’s bad news for your pocket because your horse will require two rugs. When your horse is in the stable it will need an indoor rug, with lighter filling, and no neck is required when indoors. A heavier turnout rug for when it’s out in the field will then also be required.

It’s always a good idea to have at least one spare turnout rug because they can easily get trashed by your horse, damaged or just too wet. Having at least one spare horse rug will give you peace of mind that you’ve always got a backup.

Remember that you will have to take into consideration what clip you’ve given your horse as that will determine what turnout rug it should have.

If your horse has had all its warm hair removed then they’re going to be feeling the nip right now. They will need a good rug to keep them warm during the cold months.

A clip designed for light work will require rugs that differ to a clip that is designed for heavy work. 

If your horse is thin-skinned, feels the cold more than others or is an old horse or an underweight horse, then you may need to look at fuller fillings.

When choosing a turnout rug for your horse, ask yourself will the rug compensate for the horse’s hair loss? A thin rug could make the horse feel very cold if all his natural insulation has been clipped off. 

Check your rugged horse at least twice a day to make sure that their turnout rug isn’t damaged or slipped, anything like that could injure your horse. 

Turnout rugs do prevent your horse from rolling around properly and that activity helps them to naturally exfoliate their skin so you will have to step up your game with regular grooming. Regularly grooming your horse during the winter months will also help you to give them a once over health check. While you’re brushing off any dead skin and hair check for any injuries as well as signs of weight loss.

It’s a big decision trying to choose the right turnout rug for your horse. Making the right rug choice will give you peace of mind that you are regulating your horse’s body temperature and maintaining your horse’s health.

Some of our favourite horse rugs are pictured here.

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Horse Turnout Rug Blue and grey
We love the quilted filling on this turnout rug along with its fixed neck. 
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Horse wearing turnout rug
Such a smart rug! Navy & lilac together is a great combination. 
Full neck turnout rug for horse
The full combo, keeping your horse lovely and warm.


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