What Horse Gifts Should You Buy Your Favourite Equestrian This Christmas?

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What Horse Gifts Should You Buy Your Favourite Equestrian This Christmas?

Horse at Christmas

Christmas is nearly upon us and if you haven’t thought about presents for your favourite horse rider yet then you need to because time is running out!

Horses are generally much easier to please on Christmas day, as long as you turn up with a treat for them they’ll love you forever. However, if you get the wrong present for an equestrian buddy, which is any present that's not horse related then you'll go down in their estimations.

Buying a present for an equestrian that isn’t horse related says you don't really know them ...are you even a true friend?

We’ve made it easier for you, we’ve chosen a few gifts which should please the equestrian in your life.

Horse Gifts For Equestrians

Horse Mugs!
Everyone drinks. Your favourite equestrian will probably require plenty of caffeine, in the form of coffee or tea. Caffeine definitely helps when you’ve got a challenging horse or pony!
Sharing mugs on the yard is now a definite no due to Covid so what better present than their very own horsey mug!
Educational or funny ones are available.

Horse owner mug

 Horse Prints

Get their favourite horse hand-drawn, digitalised and then turned into an original Giclee fine art print.
Capturing every hair and every bit of personality of their horse, which they can then frame and hang in their place of pride.

Horse digital art


Horse Socks
A good practical gift for any horse rider, a pair of horse socks! Horse riders will always need socks, this gift will not go to waste. You know you’ll always be loved when you buy a horse rider socks; opt for horsey ones, of course! Failing that then a nice pair of thick thermal ones to keep tootsies toasty on the yard.

Horse socks

If your budget stretches a bit and you’re happy to spend a bit more for that perfect gift for the horse rider in your life then this hands-free pod is great. Pivo is perfect for the horse rider who wants to video themselves perfecting their dressage, or to see where they’re going wrong when going over a particular jump. No need for any assistance, Pivo tracks with 360 degrees rotation and with zoom, capturing action that can be replayed later.

Pivo Horse Riders is a Smart Interactive Pod

Saddle Protector
What about a very practical gift. It’s cool these days to buy cleaning products for friends, thanks to Mrs Hinch and there’s nothing cooler than this leather saddle protector.
Owning a good looking saddle that repels the dirt doesn’t have to be a dream for your horse riding buddy any more, buy them this advanced leather proofing spray and bring a smile to their face.

Just like socks the horse rider in your life never has enough pairs of jodhpurs and another pair will always come in handy.
When it comes to jodhpurs go for something different, every horse rider will have plenty of beige, black and navy jodhpurs so give them a bit of colour, perhaps  pink jodhpurs or a purple pair!

Horse riding jodhpurs in pink

Horse Backpack
Backpacks are great! They look good, especially when they have a horse design, and they’re practical. Horse owners love to carry bits of this and that around with them, spare clothes, a bottle of hoof oil, some quickly made sandwiches. This particular horse designed backpack is big enough to carry around a laptop as well so your equestrian friend can get on with some work whilst they’re at the stables.

Horse backpack horse design

Now to find some Christmas horse-design wrapping paper!