Looking After Your Horse's Turnout Rug

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Looking After Your Horse's Turnout Rug

You’ve bought a new turnout rug for your horse and now you want to make sure it lasts.

We’ve put together a few horse rug care tips to prolong its life.

Brush & Beat 

In the old days, a house rug would be hung over the washing line, then beaten and brushed. You should do exactly the same with your turnout rug. Give it a good beating and you’ll see the dust fly out from it, then brush off all the dried and hair mud and repeat.


Put your turnout rug into a wash bag then wash it on a delicate cycle to ensure the waterproof coating is protected. Putting your rug into a wash bag will protect all the straps and buckles.

Don’t try to cram your rug into a small washing machine, you might be better going to a launderette where they have much bigger machines. You could also use a service like MudRugs who collect, wash and deliver back your horse rugs. Mud Rugs are currently only in Lincolnshire & South Yorkshire but a quick Google search should deliver other similar companies. 


Always make sure your rug is dry before folding and putting it away. Failing to dry the rug before storing it could result in mould and rotting of the stitching and you won’t want that!

Just in case you weren’t sure, do not tumble dry! Unless you need your rug to fit a Shetland pony afterwards.

Hang It up 

During the cold months' rugs thrown on tack room floors is a common sight, do not follow suit! Simple hanging over a door is much better for the rug than throwing it on the floor.  

If you want to take looking after your turnout rug seriously then have a couple of rug racks fitted, that way they’re off the floor, they won’t get walked on, mice won’t make a bed in them and they’ll be less dusty.

High Denier

If your horse is prone to ripping their turnout rug then buy a rug with a high denier outer. Your horse will then find it harder to tear, prolonging the life of the rug and keeping you and your bank manager happy.  

Looking after your horse’s rug is a necessity to ensure it lasts a long time

Horse in a turnout rug