A Horsey Christmas Gift For Your Favourite Equestrian

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A Horsey Christmas Gift For Your Favourite Equestrian

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What if this year you could give them the horsey gift of a lifetime! A Christmas gift like no other!

Think about all the Christmas gifts you’ve brought for your favourite equestrian over the years. Usually, equestrians receive mainly Christmas gifts for their horses, which of course any equestrian would always love! When equestrians do get a gift just for themselves it's usually something practical like thermal socks!

What is the top sought after equestrian gift for Christmas? Do you know

If you’re a horse owner, or a horse rider yourself then you’ve probably got a good idea.

If you still have no idea then let’s put you out of your misery!

It’s Pivo!

Pivo solves a problem, and the problem being is that horse riders run out of friends and family to take video footage of them while they’re training. Friends and family tend to start off quite keen but after a week or two, they’ve suddenly got other things to do.

What a horse rider needs is a robotic cameraman! Drum roll… Pivo!
Equestrians everywhere want to get their hands on one of these nifty tools, and wouldn’t it be great if they unwrapped one Christmas morning!

The amazing thing is that Pivo has been around for quite a while now but it seems to have shot to the top of everyone’s Christmas list in the last couple of years. Perhaps horse riders just want to review their training more these days!

The rise in popularity is probably from the great chatter about it on social media, the good reviews as well as a good team at Pivo who listen to feedback and offer superb support.

So, what is Pivo?

A pivot is an auto-follow and recording camera mount, the equestrian just places their mobile device onto the mount, connect and then the two devices will follow equestrian and horse.
The Pivo app then records and the footage is saved to the gallery. Your favourite equestrian can then get on with riding and then reviewing the footage afterwards, or they can share the video with others to review.

What else is Pivo good for?

There’s more to Pivo than just being a useful tool, it comes with a whole Pivo community. Pivo Riders are at hand to help and support one another in the Pivo Riders Facebook group, it’s a Christmas gift that comes with friends!

As well as that your favourite horse rider can have virtual lessons, in this age of Covid then this is a huge benefit. Connect the Pivo up with Bluetooth earphones, video call the instructor and your favourite equestrian can then show the instructor their every move and get their very own virtual lesson!

This is a slightly pricier Christmas present at just over £100 but there’s currently a sale on and you can get one for less than that amount.

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